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Here at THEOTOKA LABORATORY SOLUTIONS, we have adequate experience being the science lab equipment suppliers in the scientific industry and have developed the Zambia’s most focused and unique range of science equipment and services. Our diverse range of scientific laboratory supplies includes laboratory equipment and laboratory consumables for educational and research purposes, which include;

• Laboratory Chemicals
• Laboratory equipment and apparatus (Medical, Industrial and educational)
• Clinical diagnostics
• Laboratory consumables
• Safety clothing
• Sanitary products e.g. cleaning chemicals
• Supply of science models
• Science teaching aids such as DVDs on concepts
• Testing kits
• General supply

Our dedicated team and experienced staff works diligently to enable students’ access to school science equipment and school science supplies, and researchers with necessary scientific laboratory supplies and laboratory equipment.

We supply both glass and polypropylene beakers, nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves, petri dishes, silicone tubing, syringes, laboratory glassware and many more laboratory supplies. Here at Theotoka, we also have a wide-range PRO-PRODUCTS, where you can find dissection utensils, enzymes, human biology models, forensic supplies, data logging equipment and bench power supplies.

Our unprecedented Theotoka Science Squad continually strive to share knowledge with our customers, and provide outstanding solutions for laboratories all over Zambia. In our services we do;

• Conduct Science Laboratory experiments and other scientific demonstrations to ‘O’ & A-Level students in secondary schools.
• Conduct Science Laboratory experiments and other scientific demonstrations to college and university students.
• Designing and construction of Labs
• Conducting of basic science laboratory training workshops and seminars.
• Scientific instrumentation services such as installations, calibrations, servicing and basic repair works.

For peace of mind, all of our products come with detailed instruction manuals.
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